Nuclear fusion

Nuclear fusion will be the only energy source soon. On its development depends the future of our children. Will they live in world of wars for oil or in world of surplus of cheap energy?

What is nuclear fusion?

Nuclear fusion of two deuterons into helium-3 and neutron
Example of fusion reaction

Nuclear fusion is synthesis of two or more atom nuclei that form new heavier nuclei, and energy is released or absorbed. It is most common physical reaction in universe, because it occurs in every star on the sky including our Sun. Energy gained from fusion is much higher than that from chemical reactions or even nuclear fission. One day we could gain more energy from annihilation, but we are not able to make enough anti-matter efficient way to practical use yet. So nuclear fusion is the only achievable way to get environmental safe source of energy.

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More detailed information

You can read about principles of nuclear fusion, than you may like to now where current tokamaks are and how works. May be you are interested in unusual ways to start fusion reactions like cold fusion or laser fusion. If you still want to learn more, check references or send me any question.