Nuclear fusion will be the only energy source soon. On its development depends the future of our children. Will they live in world of wars for oil or in world of surplus of cheap energy?

Nuclear fusion for flight to Mars and beyond

Would you like to travel to Mars in few days? Me to. It will be difficult to achieve it.

Calm down your optimism

Jet engine test

When I was reading interview with Paul A. Czysz, professor emeritus of aerospace engineering, about traveling in space by 1 G (9.81 m/s²) acceleration, I bethought of one proposal what expects nuclear fusion as "propellant" for spacecraft to Mars. It would be really nice to use fusion jet to travel in our Solar system, but I think we will wait to see it many decades. We won't be able to control fusion in large machineries at least for one decade and control it in small volumes seems to be impossible now. I believe research in area of new cosmic propellants and propulsions will be successful, but ion-engine is better choice for near future than nuclear fusion. We are able to fire out particles from ion-engine at velocity of 210,000 m/s with very low thrust now and fusion is incontrollable. So 1 G traveling in space is impossible and will be impossible for whole 21st century, I think.

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