Nuclear fusion will be the only energy source soon. On its development depends the future of our children. Will they live in world of wars for oil or in world of surplus of cheap energy?

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[ 1 ] Added by: David – [ WWW ] – Feb 9, 2006, 21:02

Don't hesitate and go on, we are all eager for the next posts! :-)

[ 2 ] Added by: Martin – [ WWW ] – Feb 16, 2006, 22:02

Thanks David! I will try to write some interesting spots. :-)

[ 3 ] Added by: pavelm – [ WWW ] – Mar 13, 2006, 23:03

Martin, all the illustrations here are really cool!

There is really interesting article related to the chief topic of your new fusion.srubar.net website on: http://www.osel.cz/index.php?clanek=1725

(However it is not exactly connected with nuclear fusion, this new and more effective way of extracting hydrogen seems to be promise of brighter future.)

I believe that this is really revolutional and you may find it interesting, which is why I mentioned it here... ;-)

Don't frighten of English like me and go on!

And of course, techblog is cool as well. ;-)

[ 4 ] Added by: Martin – [ WWW ] – Mar 19, 2006, 21:03

[3] Thanks for encouragement and useful link. I'm surprised I haven't noticed the article before.

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